Frigatebird on a branch on North Seymour near sunset. At the equator, the sun rises at six and sets at six all year around.

Blue-Footed Booby on North Seymour. These birds do a strange little dance alternately raising one foot and then the other. They are spectacular hunters. One day from the deck of the Andando I watched dozens of Boobies dive bombing for fish from great heights, hitting the water at breakneck speed, their entries producing a wet meteor shower all around me.

Male Frigatebird with inflatable throat sac.

A young sea lion on the beach at North Seymour with Kelsea, one of my traveling companions. Most of the indigenous wildlife in the Galápagos has no fear of man or of little girls.

Dusk falls on North Seymour with Daphne Minor in the background.

Frigatebird with inflated throat sac in flight.