Leaving Cape Town, we flew to Johannesburg and then on to Hoedspruit near Kruger National Park. We stayed at Kings Camp in the Timbavati private reserve adjacent to the Park. Shortly after we arrived we hopped into the Land Rover for a game drive with our guide, Patrick, and his tracker, Omega. It wasn't too long before we spotted a pair of young male lions on the prowl. The fences separating Timbavati and Kruger National Park have been removed to form a 7 million acre World Heritage Sight.
Little did we know that we would encounter these same two cats later on that night in spectacular fashion. Read on.

After leaving the lions, we drove past a solitary Marabou Stork enjoying a dip in a tranquil pond before lifting off into the tree tops to be silhouetted against the last rays of the Timbavati sun.

Just before dark we stopped for high tea in Timbavati
After dark we encountered the same two young male lions that we had seen earlier. They had brought down a Cape Buffalo and were feasting. Note the claw marks on the back of the kill. Omega, our tracker, lighted the scene for us with a powerful spotlight.
Most of the time the lions had their heads buried in the carcass but I got this shot just as he lifted his head. Our guide, Patrick, had told us earlier that these lions were tracking a buffalo herd but he did not expect them to strike until after dark. This kill happened just before dark. We returned the following morning but there was nothing left except for a few white bones.